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European Club Cup Round 7 and the Closing Ceremony

Linex Magic Merida and Cercle d'Echecs de Monte-Carlo

are the champions of the ECC 2007


Linex Magic and Cercle d’Eches Monte Carlo are Winners of the European Club Cup 2007 European Club 2007 is over. Yesterday, the final round games were played and after the closing ceremony the organization was completed. In men’s section Linex Merida won the event with 13 points followed by Ural Sverdlovskaya with 12 points. The third place was shared by Tomsk-400 and Baden Baden but the winner of the last two years Tomsk-400 got the bronze medal.

In women's section AVS Krasnotourinsk won 3-1 against Monte-Carlo but it was only enough for eqalizing the points with their opponents but not getting the gold medal. Both teams were follnwed by MIKA Yerevan, Southern Ural Cheliabinsk and Finec St.Petersburg but the Armenian side got the bronze.  

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You can find more details about the closing ceremony and the last round at the link below.

After the Penultimate, Before the Ultimate in ECC
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Crucial fights were staged in the penultimate round of European Club Cup in Kemer, Antalya. After Round 6, Linex Merida is leading with 11 points in men. They have to fight successfully against Saratov in the final round while Bosna Sarejevo and Ural Sverdlovskaya are in close range for the struggle for the 2007 European Club Cup title.

New videos including a short interview with World Champion GM Vishwanathan Anand,GM Humpy Koneru, President of Monaco Chess Federation Jean-Michel Rapaire and the 2007 European Champion and runner-up in French Championship GM Vlad Tkachiev.

Sixth round was one of the most crucial rounds of the event in terms of determining the leader.

On the first board, Spanish side Linex Magic won a narrow victory against Tomsk-400. This defeat might cost Tomsk their third consecutive European Club Cup title. Karjakin won against Adams but it was not a match for the victories of Rublevsky and Cheparinov's victories against Kas?mdzhanov and Bologan while the other games ended as a draw. With this win, Linex Magic became the sole leader before the final round. If Linex Magic wins against Economist Saratov, then the Spanish team will become the new European Club Cub.

Round 5 in European Club Cup, Applauses For Anand


In round 5 of European Club Cup Vishy Anand played his first game in the event against GM Kazhgalayev. He was welcome by applauses when he entered the hall and took his seat. After Round 5, Ural Sverdlovsk, Tomsk-400 and Linex Merida are sharing the first place with 9 points. In women's event, Monaco is leading with 9 points followed by Southern Ural Cheliabinsk and Fince St. Petersburg.

The leaders after round 4, Alkaloid were defeated by Linex Merida by 4.5-1.5 despite Mamedyarov's victory against Gata Kamsky, Merida won an important match and now sharing the first place.
Ural Sverdlovskaya won against Ashdod City with the same score as Merida made against Alkaloid, 4.5-1.5 . Tomsk-400 won 6-0 against Czech side Novoborsky and showed that they are going to defend their title and win the event for the third consecutive title until the very end.

European Club Cup Round 4, Anand In the Hall

In Round 4 Alkaloid won against Keystone with a marginal 3.5-2.5 win to become the sole leader of Men's European Club Cup with 8 points. Baden Baden made a draw against Bosna Sarajevo while Tomsk-400 and Ural Sverdlovskaya were not able to grab 2 points from their encounter.

In women's ECC, Tbilisi and Monte Carlo, faced each other. The strong Monaco team was the rating favorite but the match ended as a draw. World Champion Vishwanathan Anand came to the tournament hall to hail the congratulations.

Another great day of chess with the fourth round of the 2007 European club championship in Kemer. In the men section, the match of the day between the Russian clubs of Tomsk 4000 and Sverdlovskaya finished with 6 draws. Alkaloid from Macedonia overcame Keystone of Ukraine 2 and half 3 and half, thanks to two important victories of Kiril Georgiev and Trace Nedev. The German team of Baden Baden lost another point today when its players could not manage to overcome the team of Bosna. Carlsen and Nisepeanu score for the German and MovseSian and Short did it for Bosnia. Thanks to the victory of Spanish international master Perez Candelario, the Spanish team of Linex beat Gros Xake Taldera of Spain and is now sharing the third place of tournament.

The new 2007 world chess champion Vishy Anand was greeted by all the players when he arrived today in Kemer maybe on time to help the German team of Baden Baden to take its first European Cup?

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